6,400 cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year caused by a genetic predisposition.

The Story behind Family Ties Foundation

As a carrier of a genetic cancer mutation called CDH1, Simone has learnt and experienced firsthand what this frightening genetic family risk means. Most of all, she is extremely grateful to have been made aware of the gene, even in the most heartbreaking circumstance of losing her father to genetic stomach cancer. click here to view Simone's story

Genetic testing & counselling is now available for a wide range of genetic disorders, including cancer

Tools for sharing information with your family

Family Ties Foundation have developed a wide range of tools to assist families in communicating important genetic information about hereditary cancer syndromes to their family. Conversation style and format vary significantly when talking to different family members and you can find many different scenarios to assist you. If you have any suggestions for other tools, please let us know as we will be continually updating this resource!

Having these conversations can be emotional, uncomfortable and difficult but the most important thing to remember is that they may also be life saving.

Research shows that cancer outcomes improve when you are aware of your genetic risk

How can finding out your risk help you?

We may not have control over our gene pool but we do have control over the amount of knowledge we can gain, enabling us the power to be in control of reducing our risks.
If a genetic cancer risk is diagnosed, regular screening and/or optional preventative surgery may be available to reduce the risk of cancer occurring. Studies show that approximately 90% of cancers are curable if they are detected at an early stage.

If an individual is diagnosed with a genetic cancer risk, it is likely that other family members, including siblings and children may also be at risk. All family members will then have an option to be tested for their own genetic risk assessment with a genetic counsellor.

Support and information can help

Connecting with others

Living with a genetic cancer risk can create a range of feelings such as isolation and worry. Connecting with an experienced counsellor can be very reassuring. Click here to find genetic counselling services in your area.

Other people who are also diagnosed with a hereditary cancer risk (either the same or other), often experience similar feelings of isolation and worry about themselves and their family members. Click here to view our Personal Story bank and/or to submit your own story.

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