How to fundraise for us

Thank you for taking action to fundraise for Family Ties. With the assistance of people like you, we are able to continue the important work of helping families affected by genetic cancer risk.

Starting your own fundraising activity is easy, but we know it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our fundraising checklist points you in the right direction and is a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions or are not sure about your next step, you can contact us at or call 0417 559 721.


Fundraising checklist


Before you fundraise

Develop your fundraising idea and set a fundraising goal

Consider the expenses associated with your activity and how to minimise them.  As a guide, aim to raise $2 or more for every $1 you spend.

Consider any legal or safety issues that you may need to address (you may need to check with your local council or State Government authority)


Starting your fundraising

Develop a fundraising plan:

  • What are all the tasks involved?
  • How will you promote the activity?
  • Who do you know that can help you?

Assign tasks and begin implementing the project

A good idea is to consider setting up an online fundraising page to support your event.  Those unable to attend can donate and everyone will receive a receipt Click here to set up and/or find out more:

Promote your activity.  Print posters to display at local schools, your office, etc.  Promote via email and social media

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate!


Within 14 days after your activity

Provide Family Ties the money you raised at your event. Email us for bank details to transfer your funds

Thank your donors.

Celebrate your success!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss ideas to fundraise, please send us an email: