Vision and Mission Statment

Mission Statement

Family Ties is dedicated to promoting awareness of all genetic cancers to ensure there are many more lives saved/prolonged through the power of knowledge.  We will achieve this by:

  • Strong media exposure, heightening community awareness and breaking down common genetic cancer myths
  • Educating & empowering Australian families to check their family medical history using our tools & resources
  • Supporting research & encouraging government to increase funding towards prevention AS WELL as cures for cancer
  • To provide families and individuals who are at risk of developing hereditary cancer, with effective resources to help better communicate with their relatives
  • Encourage people to support our vision of "finding cancer before it finds us!"

Our Vision and Goals

Our vision is to empower people to be well informed about their potential cancer risks and be proactive in prevention and screening.  We will be a catalyst in reducing the mortality associated with genetic cancer by finding cancer risks before cancer finds us and/or at a manageable stage.

Our goals are:

  • To provide those affected families/individuals of a higher cancer risk with an interactive website to support, share and empower people to communicate and be proactive about their risk.
  • To provide people with choices and options around cancer prevention with the intent of reducing the mortality rate associated with genetic cancer.
  • To be a resource recommended by Familial Cancer Centres and medical professionals nationally to every Australian diagnosed with a hereditary cancer risk
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge amongst other at risk families with both affected families and medical professionals in the genetic cancer field
  • Once nationally recognised as a resource for helping at risk families, Family Ties will advocate government to increase health funding to prevention and education of hereditary cancer syndromes and not just cancer treatment.